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1. Standard Video Ad

The Video Ad has three options to choose from: pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll for The Video Ad will play creative prior to (pre-roll), middle of (mid-roll), and/or after end of actual video contents (post-roll). Our Video Ad CANNOT be avoided and therefore it is one of the most effective Ad tools. Both 16:9 aspect and 4:3 aspect could be used.

The Video Ad also includes companion banner that appears along with the corresponding Video Ad as a package upon request. Please refer Companion Ad (page 6) for details.

16:9 Aspect Ratio

Video Ad: 576x320 (16:9)

4:3 Aspect Ratio

Video Ad: 426x320 (4:3)
The Video Ad shall include following specifications:
Size 576x320 or Higher (16:9 aspect ratio)
426x320 or Higher (4:3 aspect ratio) *Only black bar will be used.
Length 15 or 30 seconds
Frame Rate 29.97 (Please preserve the native frame rate)
Codec H.264 (No DivX or other lossy compression)
Bitrate Minimum 300Kbps, Maximum 1Mbps
File Format MP4/FLV
Audio AAC 2 Channel Audio or MPEG-1 44.1 KHz/384 kbps accepted. Audio is required.
Max File Size 10MB
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2. Banner Ad

We offer various banner ads through all web pages based on your selection. Our banners are positioned on highly perceptible areas and are very distinctive since exclusive number of ads can be advertised on web pages.

Main Board

980x350 (Main Board)

Vertical Box

240x400 (Vertical Box)

Brand Slide

680x250 (Brand Slide)

Square Box

250x250 (Square Box)

Medium Box

300x250 (Medium Box)

3:1 Box

300x100 (3:1 Box)
The Banner Ad shall include following specifications:
Ad Unit Dimensions File Formats Max File Size IAB Standard
Main Board 980x350 JPG, GIF 150 KB No
Brand Slide 680x250 JPG, GIF 150 KB No
Medium Box 300x250 JPG, GIF, SWF 150 KB Yes
3:1 Box 300x100 JPG, GIF, SWF 150 KB Yes
Square Box 250x250 JPG, GIF, SWF 150 KB Yes
Vertical Box 240x400 JPG, GIF, SWF 150 KB Yes

General Specifications for all banner ads:

Animation Animation is not allowed
Audio No
Expanding No
Serving Static jpg/gif image banners can be site served or 3rd party served.
Flash swfs can be site served only.
Border No

3. Companion Ad

Companion Ad refers to banner ad placed next to VOD Player. Companion Ad sustained visibility of the Video Ad throughout the video content experience. Companion Ad may offer click-through interactivity for further engagement opportunities. Companion Ad must be accompanied with Video Ad.

Video Ad & Companion Ad

Video Ad & Companion Ad
The Companion Ad shall include following specifications:
Ad Unit Dimensions Specification
Video Ad 576x320 or 426x320 Please refer Video Ad for detailed specification
Companion Ad 300x250 Format: JPG, GIF   Max File Size: 150KB
Please Note: One companion banner per individual video creative.